Peugeot 106


The Peugeot 106 has been designed and built within the Harry Hockly Motorsport workshops. The 106 started as a normal road car and has been successfully transformed into the ultimate 1400 kit car.

Without the constraints of Homologation, we have had a free hand in designing the 106 to suit the demanding Irish Rallying conditions. Designed to compete in Class 9 (1450cc Modified).

Car specification

Body Shell

The body shell has been extensively modified to accommodate a multi point weld in roll cage and wide track composite body panels.

Body panels now available to order please see the New Products page for prices.


  • 106 GTi 1600 16value reduced to 1433cc
  • Bore/stroke 77mm/77mm
  • Inlet value 31mm (+2.5mm)
  • Ex value 27.5mm (+3mm)
  • C.K. Engine spec. Slipper Piston
  • C.K. Engine spec. Long Con Rod
  • Extensive head work has been carried out including larger wipe area on buckets and stainless valves
  • Solid lifters and port work
  • Custom made carbon fibre ram throttle bodies
  • Launch control, flat change, traction control


  • Sadev 6 speed sequential gear box
  • Plate diff
  • Alcon 200mm lug drive clutch
  • Competition drive shafts using inner tripod joints


Front Suspension

  • 3 way adjustable Mcphersion front struts
  • Fabricated adjustable compression struts
  • TCA fitted with spherical bearings
  • Alloy front hubs fitted with a wide track bearing kit

Rear Suspension

  • Proflex 3 way adjustable coil over dampers
  • Harry Hockly designed independent fully adjustable rear suspension
  • Alloy rear hubs with integral disc bell


  • Fabricated adjustable brake bias pedal box
  • Alcon 4 pot front caliper
  • 325mm Disc tarmac specification
  • 295mm Disc gravel specification
  • Alcon 2 pot rear caliper
  • 267mm solid rear disc
  • Padgid brake pads


  • Electric power steering column (adjustable sensitivity)
  • High ratio rack and pinion


  • Purpose built wiring loom utilizing a stack dash display system

Fuel System

  • ATL 30ltr fuel cell
  • Intergral 10 bar Bosch fuel pump
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