Plastic Bead Blast Facility – The ultimate in body shell preparation

Hockly Motorsport house a plastic bead blasting chamber, this is the ultimate way to remove paint from body shells, panels and wheels to their natural state ready to be repainted. The plastic media is a non aggressive blast so will not cause damage and leaves a smooth finish unlike sand and dipping.

The plastic media will not remove body sealer, this will need removed the old fashioned way of heating up and scrapping off.

We also now have available a rust removal media.

BEA001 Full blast of bodyshell, no panels, no roll cage

BEA002 Full blast of bodyshell, with cage, no panels

BEA003 Part bead blast of body shell, inside, boot, engine bay, underneath and wheel arches

BEA004 Bead blast panel (each)

BEA005 Bead blast full wheel (each)

BEA006 Bead blast wheel face (each)